Barbara Rogoski Sitting on the TEDx Sign


" Your Legacy is Every Life You Have Touched."

— Oprah Winfrey


Since I began Successful Speaker Now in September 2011, I have been involved in coaching TEDx speakers. To date, I have coached more than 135 TEDx related speakers from around the world. I am one of the most experienced TEDx coaches in Europe. American comedian and coach Greg Shapiro introduced me to Jim Stolze, the founder of TEDx in The Netherlands who later invited me in to coach TEDx Amsterdam in 2012. The rest is history.

Here are some of the TEDx events I have coached speakers for:

TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award Finalists 2015 – 2019

start up winners start up winnersstart up winners start up winnersb400t Start-Up 25 Lotte Leufkens TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Danique Eline Winner Barbara with three women

TEDx Amsterdam Women 2012 – 2019

Barbara with Helene ChristelleProf. Gloria Wekker TEDx Amsterdam Women 2014TEDx Amsterdam Women

TEDx Binnenhof 2012, 2014, 2016, Ideas from Europe 2018

Barbara with four men Ideas from Europe Binnenhof Team Barbara Binnenhof smiling group

Ideas from Europe 2015 - Exclusive Coach -22 Speakers

Ideas from Europe

TEDx Amsterdam - Awards 2012, 2013

 .Barbara clappingTEDx Amsterdam Winner

TEDx Amsterdam Youth 2015 - Exclusive Coach

 TEDx Youth Amsterdam collage

TEDx Defensie - Exclusive 2015

Colonel Elanor Boekholt O\'Sullivan

TEDx Groningen 2015, 2016

TEDx Groningen

There is nothing like working with a speaker for several weeks to create and refine their speech and delivery and to see them get up on the stage and nail the speech and connect with the audience. I am always as nervous as the speaker, holding my breath with each sentence delivered, high fiving myself silently when the hit the marks we practiced. It is also remarkable to see myself in every speaker and in every speech with gestures, words and imagery offered by me. It is a great kick to see them successful and proud of their performances.

These are just some of the speakers I have coached over the last 9 years. I am honored to work with these visionary people to bring their ideas out into the world. They also remember me through the years because for some, this TEDx talk launched their businesses and careers. They trusted me to bring them and their stories up to the level to make the greatest impact. 

I truly was "the TEDx speaker's best friend" for a period of time - and they remember. 

What is my TEDx Legacy?

I have been blessed to be able to help hundreds of speakers from all walks of life and professions to develop their unique stories about their ideas worth sharing and ideas worth doing. A little secret of this speaker coach: There are glimpses of me and my heart in every single TEDx talk I have ever coached a speaker for. Now, THAT is a legacy...

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